Association for Danish Tyre Specialists

The members of the Association for Danish Tyre Specialists are the leading tyre shops and suppliers to the Danish market.

The association aims to profile the tyre industry as a necessary part of automotive and transportation industry in relation to the media, customers and the public.
In addition, the association carry the interests of tyre trade in general and individual members in relation to public authorities and organizations.
The Association for Danish Tyre Specialists is publishing Dækmagasinet (The Tyre Magazine) which is both a member's magazine and also a public magazine for everyone with interest in the tyre business.

Need a tyre shop?

Click here to find your nearest tyre shop which is able to change or repair your tyre.
Many tyre shops are also capable of making regular maintenance and mechanical repairs.

Tyre legislation

When driving in Denmark there are a few simple rules to be followed.
Visit the website of The Tyre Safety Council for more information.


Dæk Specialisternes Landsforening
Skagensgade 1
2630 Taastrup

Phone: +45 39 63 97 79
Dæk Specialisternes Landsforening | Skagensgade 1, 2630 Taastrup  | Tlf.: 39 63 97 79